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Polygamy was not an offense in ancient India. Kings and emperorsin ancient India did not restrict them to their queens alone, rather they possessed a pool of bosomed girls lived in the backyard of their palaces. Their private chambers were called harems. They believed that keeping a platoon of women in the backyard and enjoying with them will increase their fertility, lust and vigor. Even the queens were well aware of the adultery and pranks of the kings.

Therefore, having multiple sexual partners is not only an inhabited habit but also a prevailing activity in ancient India. Many ancient Indian rulers indulged in adultery and the queens acknowledged it as the kings’hobby. Accommodating busty and beautiful women in the vicinity of the palaces became an accepted fashion for the then time. The whims of the kings were familiar to all and the queens were well-aware of the adultery happening in the backyard of the palaces. In many cases, they (queens) had to endorse the whims to continue their relationships with the kings.

As it became legacy, in the 21st century the earls and rich-class people indulged in adultery.Keeping pace with the tradition of their ancestors, they tried to continue sexual relations with a fleet of women they like. However, the lack of the backyard and financial disability did not permit them to possess a pool of beautiful women permanently and provide them all food, shelter and other expenditure over the years. As the consequence of it, they are to maintain this legacy in a different way. In other words, they had to satisfy their thrust for milk with whey (as an alternative to milk). This is the main reason for the emergence of escort service. These rich class people use to hire a fleet of women to come to their places in order to offer them sensual and sexual service.

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As an Indian city, Bangalore has retained this trend. The touch of modernity and implantation of the boon of information technology have made Bangalore escort service smarter and more sophisticated. Now there are many well-educated, well-mannered and talented escort girls offering satisfactory services from the different parts of the city. A vast majority of these Bangalore escort girls have developed their websites and apps to reach their customers easily over the internet without anybody’s notice at it. This approach has been highly convenient and easily accessible for many high profile customers who have very good social status and dignified positions at their workplaces. As they work directly with their customers and don’t offer their services through a Bangalore escort agency, they are called independent Bangalore escorts.

Independent escorts in Bangalore

Independent escorts in Bangalore are known well for the personalized care for their men. Moreover, they are very smart, stylish and talented in offering creative lovemaking and erotic lovemaking.  Being multilingual speakers, they can cope with different types of native and foreign clients. They are trained well to offer long-lasting emotional love plus optimum erotic pleasure through a perfect blend of sensuality and sexuality.